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Let us understand your business, your people and your culture so we can introduce you to your next generation of sales professionals. We take time to understand what our clients’ need and what motivates our candidates so that the recruitment process becomes logical and stress free. Our entire process is competency based and we test our candidates’ ability and desire at each stage to ensure you only engage the talent you crave!

Contingent Search Testimonial:

“We thoroughly recommend Spencer Maguire as a competent agency to secure high quality staff. They spent time with us to listen our needs and made sure they had a good understanding of the type of candidate we’re looking for, both in terms of skillset and personality. Rather than bombarding us with unsuitable CV’s, they always ensure the candidates are well suited to our agency before putting them forward for any role. So far, all of the candidates they have put forward have been of a very high calibre, so much so that we hired one of their candidates within 3 days of their initial interview!”

Ellie – Head of Recruitment - Technology Recruitment Agency 

How long is a good Sales Candidate currently on the market for? How many times has one of your suppliers told you that a candidate you wanted to see is 'no longer available'? When a CV is sent to you by a Recruiter, how many other businesses do you think that CV is sent to?
The solution… We’ll engage with you as a true recruitment partner, interviewing top talent at your location, ensuring the candidates are exclusive to your project and by introducing them to you quickly!

Retained Search Testimonial:

For a growing company, finding the right talent can be challenging and a real drain on that most precious of resources, time! I've worked with other recruitment consultancies and they all promise a lot but do little more than bombard you with CV's in an effort to win at a numbers game. The team at Spencer Maguire were different and fantastic from the start. They actually listened to what we needed, sourced great candidates that we would never have been able to reach and then did the first round of interviewing to make sure that the people brought forward all had potential. I can't recommend highly enough. 

Kevin – CEO – Software Vendor

We’re extremely proud to have developed one of the most robust sales recruitment processes on the market! Why would anyone hire a candidate based purely on skillset alone, only to find out that their new hire doesn’t match the culture or values of the business? Our process ensures that your future top performers tick all the boxes!

Most companies hire based on skillset and gut feeling and once an offer has been made they then discover if their new hire can fulfil the job role, or not… We’ve turned this on its head. Not only do we invest heavily in understanding your business, but our candidates take part in a robust 4 stage recruitment process that uncovers their true potential before being invited to a bespoke assessment centre, designed specifically for your business!

At this stage our clients will determine whether the candidates have the ability to do the job, before they commit to hiring anyone! Intrigued? Contact us to find out more!

Assessment Testimonial:

“I contacted Spencer Maguire in the middle of May as we were looking to hire 3 sales people. It quickly became apparent through talking to Nick at Spencer Maguire that they were going to be good people to partner with. They were quick to understand our hiring needs and put a brief together, and then started the recruitment process. During this period, we changed the scope of the project and said we needed 5 people. Spencer Maguire were un-phased and were sure they would get enough candidates. We aimed for a day in late June for an assessment centre, and on the day we had 21 candidates turn up.

We put them through their paces with practical tests in the morning, which were very well organised and facilitated by Spencer Maguire. By the afternoon we had made a cut and reduced the candidates down to a very good group of 12. Through interviews we eventually chose 6 candidates to take on, more than we’d originally required. We could have taken more; such was the quality.

To summarise, we contacted Spencer Maguire Mid May and by the end of June 6 people had accepted roles with us in what was a completely seamless and pain free partnership. I would recommend Spencer Maguire as a partner for your hiring needs.”

Nick - Global Head of Sales, Software Organisation